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Shishaglass Puff It Smoke Collector - Shisha Glass
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Love to share your favourite smokes but worry about germs? Them the Puff It is here to solve all that. The Puff It blast a stream of smoke directly into your mouth or nose with no contact on the mouthpiece meaning this is the most sanitary way to share your smokes with others. Furthermore, this is fully self contained meaning you can use this anywhere without the worry of ashes or hot embers burning anything again.
How to use it
1. Unscrew the cap from the Puff It.
2. Roll up your favorite tobacco or cigarette and insert it into the holder. Ensure that your smoke/cigarette is not loose.
3. Light up your smoke or cigarette and screw the Puff It back on to the cap.
4. Using a finger or thumb, cover the "air-hole" and gently squeeze the Puff It for a direct stream of smoke to inhale.

1x Shishaglass Puff It
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