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NZ Digital Scale NZ-CT-50 50 X 0.001G - Shisha Glass
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High Precision: Reacts quickly and accurately. Long Standby Time: Low power consumption and environmental friendly product. Windshield Design: Effectively avoid the external disturbance. 60 seconds automatically power off when not in use. Note: Color may change subjective to stock availability **


    • Super contrast, backlight

    • 2 x AA batteries (Included)

    • Full Tare Range Capacity

    • Energy saving auto power off function (60 seconds off)

Capacity: 50g x 0.001g

Units: g/oz/gn/ct/dwt

Scale Size: 133mm x 75mm x 48.3mm



    1. Turn on the scale.
    2. Press and hold the [M] key until the LCD display "CAL" , release the [M] key.
    3. Press [M] key again, the display will show "CAL" followed by the required calibration weight value.
    4. Place the required calibration weight on the center of the platform, the display will show "PASS" then return to the normal weighing mode.

Calibration is complete! You can turn off the scale.

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