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Premium Water Pipes

Smoking Pipes

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What are the best herb grinders for you?

One of the most important tools for those who use vaporizers for dry herb is a grinder. Not only does it save you time, but also provide you with a better experience when vaping it. Using a grinder will increase the quality of your herbs and tobacco. This is achieved...

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark agrees with the legalisation of cannabis in New Zealand

Our former Prime Minister Helen Clark and her foundation are pushing towards the legalisation of cannabis. This up-coming referendum will mark a historic decision for the whole of New Zealand and if the use of cannabis should be legalized. According to The Helen Clark...

New Zealanders are waiting for the legislation of cannabis in 2020

The Government has finally announced that New Zealanders will vote on legislation to legalise recreational cannabis at the 2020 election. Justice Minister Andrew Little has confirmed in a press release that the referendum on recreational cannabis use will be at the...

Best Portable Vaporizers in 2019

Smoking is out, vaping is in! As we prioritize the health of our lungs, we switch to herbal vaporizers as the safest, purest and most effective alternative. If you are looking for a high-quality hand-held device for vaping herbs, check out Shisha Glass NZ’s Top 4...

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The Best Water Pipe Selection in NZ

Shisha Glass is the first online shop that specialises in Waterpipes and other R18 accessories. Whether you need a premium Water Pipe with many percolators or a novelty Smoking Pipes with a fun design, we have it delivered to your door instantly with our super-fast shipping.

Smoking Supplies are Our Speciality

If you fancy a top-class vaporizer and a herb grinder, we have them ready for you. For a newcomer, check out the best portable vaporizers and the best herb grinders that you can buy in New Zealand. All smoking supplies in Shisha Glass NZ come with high-quality materials that can provide our customers with the best smoking experience they ever have. Please note that our products are strictly for tobacco use only.


Herb Grinders


Herb Grinders

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Charlie Miller

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Anthony Hamilton

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