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Kingpin Hemp Blueberry Bomb 4pk - Shisha Glass
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Kingpin Blueberry Hemp Wraps are oozing with the delicious taste of fresh blueberry . Four hemp wraps per pack which is excellent value for your buck, sealed in resealable zip pack, 100% zero tobacco and zero nicotine and made of pure hemp. Kingpin have also incorporated the 'Perfect Fold Technology™' into their hemp wraps.
Product Description:

  • Flavour - Blueberry

  • Resealable Zip Pack

  • Foil Sealed Pouch

  • Four (4) Wraps Per Pack

  • ECO - All Natural

  • Tobacco FREE

  • Nicotine FREE

  • Vegan-Friendly

  • Sealed For Freshness Guaranteed

  • 100% Pure Natural Hemp

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