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JJ Blunt Wham Bam Watermelon 2pk - Shisha Glass
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JJ Blunt Wham Bam Watermelon 2pk. Juicy Blunts are the juiciest and most flavorsome blunts in the world. Along with some classics they also have so many weird and wonderful flavors you may not ever decide on a particular favorite. It's worth a good try though.
Product descriptions:

These blunts are triple dipped and bursting with flavor. Using exciting new flavors and existing superior flavoring technology the Juicy Jay's gang have excelled in probably the juiciest, most flavorful, blunt wrap so far produced. These blunts just burst with flavor, go on enjoy the best tasting blunt wraps ever.


  • Re-Sealable Pack For Freshness

  • Wraps Per Pack

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