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Smoka Silicone Cover Hookah 1xHose 72cm - Shisha Glass
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Introducing the Smoka Hookah. The most elite smoking hookah to enter the market engineered to perfection & designed to help achieve a smooth draw in combination with large clouds. This hookah is the right balance between modern and traditional, also very easy to use and Has smart features such as A unique way to connect the base to stem just twist it and its first of its kind.
The product colour may vary depending on stock availability.

What’s in the box (Smoka Hookah 1xHose 72cm):

  • Bowl Grommet

  • Bowl

  • Ashtray

  • Stem

  • Tong

  • One Way Valve w/ Steel Bearing

  • Hose Grommet

  • Hose

  • Base Grommet

  • Base

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