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RAW Organic Paper Single Wide - Shisha Glass
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RAW was created in order to provide smokers with an additive-free and less-processed rolling paper. Made from a natural unbleached blend of fibers, this rolling paper has a unique naturally brown hue and is almost transparent thanks to the thinness of the paper. With a natural vegan blend of organic fibers and a natural sugar gumming, RAW is the best choice in the natural rolling paper market.
Product Specification:

  • Unbleached

  • No additives

  • Patented criss-cross watermark

  • Organic Hemp

  • Acacia gumline

  • Chlorine Free

  • Gluten Free

  • Vegan Friendly

  • Ultra Thin

  • 70mm x 37mm

  • 50 Leaves/Booklet

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