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Juicy Super blunt Tropical 1Pc - Shisha Glass
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The tropical flavor of passion, perhaps, fruitiest of them all. Juicy Blunts mixed tropical flavors, passion fruit to create a Super Blunt. Juicy Blunts are luscious, dulls the most delicious in the world, and all that foil freshness seal is available in sizes of these amazing Super Blunt! Along with some of the classics, they also have a lot of weird and wonderful flavors you may never be able to decide on one particular favorite. It And worth a damn good try though!

Product descriptions:

These huge blunts are ideal for a party as they will take some filling at 8" in length. You dont need to roll the perfect cone as Juicy Blunts have done it for you and made the largest blunt in the world.


  • Re-Sealable Pack For Freshness
  • Wraps Per Pack
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