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Jet Flame Kiwi Lighter F11 - Shisha Glass
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Kiwi Jet Flame Lighter brings safety and convenience to the user. This is a fully recyclable and refillable gas lighter which are stylish, trendy, versatile, reliable and safe to use. Perfect for a multiple of uses. With single torch jet flame cigar lighter. The product colour may vary depending on stock availability.

    • Single Flame

    • Model design

    • Excellent polished finish, easy to carry;

    • Made from high-quality;

    • Easy to refill;

    • High quality, very attractive lighter;

    • Adjustable flame;


    • Keep it away from children;

    • There is inflammable gas with high pressure inside the lighter. Do not beat it or keep it in fire. Keep it away from place over 55° Celsius;

    • Do not make it rub other things otherwise the surface finishing will be damaged. Do not throw the lighter, otherwise the inner structure and function may be damaged;

    • The lighter is not waterproof. Keep it away from water, sour, alkali, and wet surrounding.

Box includes:

    • 1x Lighter

    • 1 x Drawstring bag

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