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Green Light dual ARC electric lighter By Kiwi Lighter - Shisha Glass
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The Dual Arc plasma lighter by kiwi Lighter, this dual arc lighter has a dual arc of plasma between four electrodes. You ignite the plasma by pressing a button. The product colour may vary depending on stock availability.

Product features:

  1. Absolutely safe and easy to use, incorporates a safety power cut-off switch.
  2. This lighter is windproof because it doesn't produce any flames.
  3. Newly innovated technology that uses electricity to create an electric arc.
  4. No gas or fuel is required.
  5. Does not create a flame, it is electrically operated.
  6. Comes with a mini USB cable.
  7. Powered by a USB rechargeable battery.
  8. It is environmentally friendly, safe to use it.
  9. Fit for a male gift, collector, tobacco lovers etc..
Box Includes:
1x Lighter
1x USB rechargeable cable
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