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Glass Waterpipe T-450GB 33cm | Shisha Glass
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  • Glass Material
  • 33cm Length
  • 18mm Female connector Size
  • Removable shisha stem
Please note that shisha stem and bowl are not included. The product colour may vary depending on stock availability.

18mm Female connector Size
This Waterpipe features a 18mm female connector size. It is compatible with all 18mm male connector shisha stem.

Round Base Shape
This Waterpipe has a classic round base shape that helps submerge the shisha stem in water. When the smoke is pulled through the shisha stem, it diffuses in the base before being pulled up to the top of the tube. This process results in a smoother and cooler hit that is still full of flavour.

Removable shisha stem

A shisha stem is a tube that allows smoke to travel from the connector to the Waterpipe chamber. Its removability allows for an easier cleaning process. We offer a wide selection of shisha stems for you to choose from in our Shisha Glass store.

Please note that shisha stem and bowl are not included.

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