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Fresh Out The Dryer 12 oz (350ml) Beamer Candle - Shisha Glass
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Beamer's Fresh out the Dryer Jar Candle is an all- natural candle made from a soy and paraffin wax blend with a pleasant and clean laundry scent that keeps your places refreshed for hours. Each candle is filled with the finest natural odour ingredients to eliminate the smell of tobacco. It is housed in a reusable Mason-style glass jar with a handle and metal lid that can later be used for storage. Each 12oz (350 ml) jar has a lead-free wick and lasts up to 90 hours with proper wick trimming! This proudly made-in-USA candle can be a great gift to both the home and office!


  • 12 oz (350 ml) premium glass mason style jar with metal lid. 10.5 oz wax.

  • Made in USA

  • Lasts up to 90 hours

  • Absorbs and eliminates tobacco odors rather than just covering them up

  • A light and clean scent

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