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Round Base Water Pipe with Spiral 8″

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  • Glass Material
  • 20cm Length
  • 14mm Female Joint Size
  • Round Base with Spiral Tube Shape
  • Removable Downstem

Please note that down stem and drop cone are not included.
The product colour may vary depending on stock availability.

Glass Drop Cone 14mm

In stock

Glass Downstem 8cm

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Formula 420 A1 Original Cleaner 2oz

In stock

In stock

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14mm Female Joint Size
This waterpipe features a 14mm female joint size. It is compatible with all 14mm male jointed downstem.
Glass Material
This waterpipe is made from heat resistant and clear borosilicate glass material, giving it a sleek and clean look that allows you to watch the bubbles stack as your vapor percolate. Our glass material is also non-reactive, providing you pure tastes with no nasty addition chemical taste.
Round Base with Spiral Tube Shape
Besides the classic round base shape, this waterpipe also features a spiral tube shape that gives it a modern style design. It perfectly blends in with your table and other furniture in your room.
Removable Downstem
A downstem is a tube that allows smoke to travel from the joint to the waterpipe chamber. Its removability allows for an easier cleaning process. It also gives you an option to choose from a wide selection of downstem available in Shisha Glass store.
Please note that down stem and drop cone are not included.


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