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Nautilus Ice Shisha Pipe with Percolator 31.5cm

From: $200.00

  • Glass Material
  • 31.5cm Length
  • 18mm Female connector Size
  • Nautilus Double Round Base Shape
  • Inline Percolator
  • Shisha Filter
  • Ice Catcher

Please note that bowl is not included.
The product colour may vary depending on stock availability.

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18mm Female connector Size

This Shisha Pipe features a 18mm female connector size. It is compatible with all 18mm male connector shisha stem.

Nautilus Double Round Base Shape

The double round base shape makes this Shisha Pipe easier to handle. The shape also helps submerge the shisha stem in water. When the smoke is pulled through the shisha stem, it diffuses in the base before being pulled up to the top of the tube. Its modern style design also perfectly blends in with your table and other furniture.

Inline Percolator

The inline percolator is a simple horizontal tube with multiple slits in it. This type percolator is often used to replace the shisha stem and built within the Shisha Pipe.

Shisha Filter

The shisha filter is a great way to keep your hits smooth and flavourful. It will hold any burnt material and make sure that your vapour is not tainted.

Ice Catcher

The ice catcher allows the Shisha Pipe hold multiple ice cubes at the top of the tube. This help the Shisha Pipe produce extra-cool vapour.

Please note that bowl is not included.


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