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Juicy Super Blunt Mango Papaya


A Super Blunt Mango Papaya Twist exudes a fruity mix of mango and papaya flavours when smoking. If you love the tropics, hammocks, sunsets and tropical fruit flavours, then the Mango & Papaya Twist Hemp Blunts will send you back there with your 1st inhale. Bursting with flavours, Juicy Jays really know how to pack in those flavours.

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Product descriptions:

These huge blunts are ideal for a party as they will take some filling at 8″ in length. You dont need to roll the perfect cone as Juicy Blunts have done it for you and made the largest blunt in the world.


  • Re-Sealable Pack For Freshness
  • Wraps Per Pack


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