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Titanium Domeless Nail 10mm & 14.5mm


Domeless vaping for a great price

  • Grade 2 titanium
  • Easily interchangeable
  • Fits both 10mm and 14.5mm, male and female joints
  • No vapour dome required

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This titanium 4 in 1 domeless nail is made from heat-resistant Grade 2 titanium. Titanium is virtually indestructible, retains heat the best for vaping, holds heat longer than glass nails and has minimal to no by-products given off when vaping, which makes it the best choice for those who vape on a daily basis.

Its ingenious design consists of two components that are easily removable and interchangeable, which enables you to use it for all 10mm and 14.5mm joints, both for male or female. Simply unscrew the top component and turn the bottom component around and you go from male to female and vice versa. This enables you to switch between 10mm and 14.5mm male and female joints in a matter of seconds. No vapour dome required!

So if you all looking for a sturdy all-in-one concentrate nail that will fit all your waterpipes, then this titanium 4 in 1 domeless nail will be the perfect equipment for your vapour set-up.


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