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Al Fakher Special Edition Hookah Matata 250g


Al Fakher Special Edition Hookah Matata shisha is a wonderful thing. Ripe green apples give way to an almost woody undertone, resulting in one of the freshest-tasting shishas we have ever tried. Each variety of Al Fakher Special Edition comes in a uniquely designed 250g tin that keeps it sealed tight for optimal freshness.

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Al Fakher shisha tobacco is made in the United Arab Emirates and is one of the more well-known brands of tobacco in the Middle East. This mid to high-grade tobacco has a consistent flavour and is well known for the smoothness of its smoke. We are constantly replenishing our supplies so your shisha tobacco will arrive fresh and be tasting great!


The Al Fakher packaging does not comply with the current NZ tobacco standards, as shown in a recent check by NZ Ministry of Health. We are advised to either stop selling the products or change the packaging to meet legal requirements. Though it comes at a great cost, we are willing to change the packaging to serve our customers with quality products and proper packing. However, in the case that the Al Fakher distributor continues not to follow NZ regulations, we have no choice but to remove the products from our shelves or increase the prices for re-packaging.


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