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Returns & Exchanges

Please return goods of unacceptable quality to us and we shall either repair, replace the same, or refund the purchase price you paid.

If you are simply unhappy with a product then while we have no obligation to, we’ll do what we can do to alleviate the problem.

At Shishaglass.co.nz, we understand that the process of returning an item is often an aggravating drawn-out enterprise.  Uncooperative customer service and delays can make you feel scammed.  At Shishaglass.co.nz online store we aim to do it better, with a great return policy that’s second to none in our field.

No Fuss

Although we prefer to receive our products, back in original packaging mint condition and clean, we understand this isn’t always realistically possible.  Other than the exceptions noted below, we’ll gladly accept your return either way.

Also at Shishaglass.co.nz, we don’t charge any fees for ‘restocking’ or ‘administrative processing’ or any other excuse that can be dreamed up. You may return products within 14 days of receipt of your purchase.

We only ask that you:

  • provide proof of purchase; and
  • pay for the return shipment;

and we will handle the rest as quickly as we can; whether you want a replacement, a new product or a refund of the purchase price.

Warranties only cover manufacturing faults or products damaged in transit.


– Consumable products

We don’t provide any replacement/refund rights or warranties* for consumable products if the packaging is broken, other than for damage in transit or as otherwise stated.  So please choose carefully.  Examples of consumable products include Cigars, Damiana, Detox, Pipe Cleaners, Hemps Wraps and all Smoking products.

– Batteries (note: there are differences between them)

Different electronic gadgets use different types of batteries.

Different types of batteries have different life-spans and recharging cycles.  None of them lasts a human “lifetime”.

Different batteries have different prices.

Different batteries have different warranties, usually between one and three months. Please check the warranty at time of purchase.

– Misuse and mishandling

No replacements will be made or refunds are given on any items for misuse or mishandling.*  Note that battery buttons will break if pressed or twisted too hard.

– Chargers, Electronic Mods, Heat not Burn devices & Scales

Like Batteries, Chargers, Electronic Mods, Heat not Burn devices and Scales are not all created equal.  Accordingly, their prices and warranty periods differ.   In any event, none are for more than three months.*  Please check the warranty period at the time of purchase.

–Further notes regarding scales:

  • most scales do not include calibration weights – please check carefully if you want to purchase scales with weights or purchase 100g or 200g calibration weights separately;
  • not all scales come with batteries;
  • scales cannot be exchanged after use due to a change of mind or the like, so please choose carefully;
  • if there is a problem with scales please bring them to any shop for checking first as staff may be able to diagnose and fix straightforward problems;

– Heat not Burn devices

Heat not Burn devices must be cleaned after every use, failing which they may become blocked.  No warranty is given with respect to tobacco staining, as it is an unavoidable consequence of the products’ use.

Heat not Burn devices are sold for tobacco use only.  Different Heat not Burn devices different amounts of smoke and flavour so choose carefully before purchasing as warranties do not cover changes of mind or for smoke or taste amelioration.


Grinders are sold for grinding tobacco only (unless specified otherwise).  There is no warranty for damage caused by the use of grinders for any other material or otherwise than in accordance with instructions.  Most grinders must be turned clockwise.  Handles will break easily if turned anti-clockwise (or contrary to instructions for the type of grinder) in which case no warranty is available for operator error.

–Glass Items

There is no warranty for glass items (such as shisha pipes and bowls or parts) once received and used so please check carefully before use. If the items are damaged on arrival, please contact us within 48 hours from the time of delivery. We may not be able to provide a replacement or refund if you contact us after this period. Please do not dispose of the product and its packaging as we may require you to return it back to us.

Consumer Guarantees excepted.

Note these warranties (and exceptions) are valid only at the time of purchase. Warranties are subject to change (re-printed warranty cards and/or as changed on our website) so please check warranties at the time of each purchase for any changes.

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