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Shisha Pipes

Shisha pipes are great tools for every shisha smokers. At Shisha Glass, we have a large collection of shisha pipes for sale in NZ that can satisfy both beginners and connoisseurs. They are available in different shapes with different enhancement. From simple, yet effective, beaker base shisha pipe to premium Cylinder Glass Shisha Pipe with Triple Percolator, from mini glass Shisha Pipe shape to nautilus Shisha Pipe shape. We have everything you need.

If you’re just starting, check out our selection of cheap and virtually unbreakable acrylic Shisha Pipe. These plastic vases will last for a very long time if used properly.
Are you a savvy person and want the best quality Shisha Pipe? We have a wide variety of shisha pipe that is made of durable, thick glass and equipped with multiple enhancement such as honeycomb percolator, ice catcher. All of our products are designed to give you the most sensational smoking session of your life.

How to set up your Shisha Pipe

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