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Flavoured Rolling Papers

Try delicious flavoured rolling papers from Shisha Glass tobacco shop, featuring a massive selection of Juicy Jay cigarette papers.

Add a touch of flavour to your smoking experience with flavoured rolling papers from the Shisha Glass tobacco shop

Flavoured rolling papers are a staple in the joint rolling community. By utilizing naturally flavoured cigarette papers, smokers can complement their tobacco.

The Shisha Glass smoke shop is proud to feature some of the more recognisable rolling paper brands in the industry. No tobacco shop is complete without a massive assortment of fruity Juicy Jay flavours. Try the Juicy Jay King Sized Watermelon cigarette paper for an aromatic and visually appealing experience.

Juicy Jays come in a variety of flavours; the Shisha Glass smoke shop is excited to carry Blueberry, Mello Mango, Strawberry/Kiwi, Bubblegum, Grape, Green Apple and other mouthwatering cigarette papers from the legendary rolling paper brand.

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