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Shisha Glass is top retailer in New Zealand for most recognisable cigars, offering multiple Cuban cigar choices and the freedom to buy tobacco products online.

Cigar smoking dates back to the ancient Mayans. European colonizers reported seeing the natives rolling up dried tobacco with papaya leaves, lighting them on fire, and puffing on the smoke. The practice was later made famous by the Cuban cigar and distributed throughout the world.

Today, cigars can be enjoyed by ordering them online from Shisha Glass smoke shop. We have an extensive selection of cigars online, sourced from the most reputable names in the industry.

Buy Cigars Online from Shisha Glass Smoke Shop

There’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying the smooth, rich aroma of a high-quality cigar. Cigar connoisseurs can purchase with confidence and be sure they will receive perfectly rolled and humidity-controlled tobacco products. The ability to buy cigars online is made possible by Shisha Glass.

Cigar stores are notorious for overcharging their customers and not storing them in ideal conditions. Shisha Glass ensures our New Zealand customers will receive premium cigars that have been adequately taken care of.

Cuban Cigar from Shisha Glass Conveniently Available Direct to Your Mailbox

Shisha Glass offers our customers premium Cuban cigar brands, famous for their rich taste and district aroma. We carry some of the most iconic brands, including Romeo Julieta, Punch Petit, and Montecristo.

The AROMA Cigar Rum, is one of our customer favourites.

Cigars from the Most Legendary Brands in the World

Shisha Glass offers customers the freedom to buy cigars online. Our choices show our dedication to providing the best brands from the leading brands in the industry.

Shop our finest cigars online now for unparalleled customer service and delivery options. Shisha Glass is the go-to choice to purchase smoking products and accessories online.

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