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Shisha Glass proudly carries a wide selection of flavoured blunt and hemp wraps from Kingpin, one of the most reliable brands in the smoking paper industry.

Shop Shisha Glass for a Premium Selection of Hemp Kingpin Smoking Papers

Kingpin is one of the most prominent companies in the industry providing high-quality hemp wraps. At Shisha Glass smoke shop, we believe in the power of hemp and are proud to offer the incredible plant as an alternative to traditional blunt wraps.

Veteran smokers choose Kingpin because they burn slow and consistent. Kingpin is also known for its selection of mouthwatering flavours. Each Kingpin blunt or hemp wrap is sold in a reusable package, serving as a perfect container for storage or travel.

Try the latest development in the classic blunt wrap by trying one of Kingpin’s incredible products. We carry a variety of flavours, including SpanishFly, Original G, and Laid Back. We have blunt and hemp wraps for any occasion; check out Kingpin’s product line today available from Shisha Glass smoke shop.

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