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Juicy Jay

Shop our selection of the legendary hemp and blunt wraps brand in New Zealand, Juicy Jay. At Shisha Glass, we have a huge range of popular flavours for you to choose from.

Shisha Glass Proudly Carries a Pioneer in the Smoking Industry – Juicy Jay

Few companies have the notoriety in the industry comparable to Juicy Jay. When you think of blunt wraps, rolling papers, and now even hemp wraps, the famous Juicy Jay comes to mind. The brand has maintained legendary status in the community by providing customers with all they want, a reliable, high-quality smoking product they can count on. Pleasing tobacco enthusiasts isn’t difficult, but few products have been as consistent as Juicy Jay’s blunt wraps.

Don’t Substitute Cost or Quality with Juicy Jay’s Assorted Blunt Wraps

Juicy Jay wraps are always moist and great, thanks to their proprietary triple-dip flavour system. The famous blunt wraps and hemp wraps are always sealed tight to provide customers with a consistent level of freshness.

All Juicy Jay blunt wraps are sealed extra tight, keeping out air while preserving flavour. Experienced smokers choose Juicy Jay for their ready to roll up right out of the package wraps.

Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps are the Future of Smoking in New Zealand

Juicy Jay has been at the forefront of the game for over 30 years because their products directly reflect the desires of the smoking community they serve.

Their most recent innovation is introducing hemp wraps to their product line. Hemp is an incredible plant that pairs perfectly with your favourite tobacco blend.

Shop our Assorted Flavours from Juicy Jay for an Unsurpassed Smoking Experience

Juicy Jay’s paper is known for superior quality, freshness, and of course, their fruity flavours. Exotic tastes and Juicy Jay go hand in hand. Shisha Glass is proud to provide an assortment of incredible, delicious varieties of blunt wraps and hemp wraps.

Check out our selection of mouthwatering Juicy Jay hemp wraps, including Red Alert, Manic Hemp Wraps, and many more. For the OGs, we have the Juicy Hemp Wrap Original, so you can enjoy your tobacco without added flavours.

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