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Hemp Wraps

Rolling up with hemp is the latest trend in New Zealand. Shisha Glass smoke shop has an extensive selection of hemp wraps perfect for rolling 100% tobacco and nicotine free blunts.

Hemp is an Incredible Plant with Countless Uses – Our Favourite is Rolling Up For Smoking

Industrial hemp can be used in hundreds of ways, helping the environment and providing cheaper solutions to our basic needs. We support the hemp revolution by offering an alternative to blunt wraps that compliments your tobacco blend.

Our selection of hemp wraps is unrivalled. We have the best flavours and brands for your smoking experience. So stock up with Shisha Glass smoke shop so you will never have to make a trip to the corner store again. We guarantee that our hemp wraps are fresh, creating an unforgettable experience.

Achieve Smoking Synergy with Hemp Wraps from Shisha Glass

Hemp and tobacco blends burn at the same temperature giving users a smooth experience without any wasted product. The combination of hemp wraps and your tobacco is a match made in heaven. Experience a synergetic experience provided by mother nature with Shisha Glass’s expansive selection of hemp wraps.

Browse Our Various Hemp Wrap Flavours from the Most Trusted Brands in the Business

Shisha Glass is proud to carry hemp wraps from two of the most prominent names in the industry, Juicy Jay, and Kingpin. Both are legendary brands dedicated to an optimal smoking experience.

We feature the most popular flavours that can assist or add to your experience. For example, Shisha Glass carries hemp wraps with a natural essence like Juicy Hemp Wrap Original or Kingpin Hemp Original G. For a fruity taste explosion, check out the Juicy Hemp Wrap Tropical Passion; your taste buds will thank you later.

Nothing Compliments Your Smoking Session Like Hemp Wraps, Shop Shisha Glass’s Selection Today!

Smoking a blunt packed with your tobacco blend is a relaxing, entrancing experience perfect for unwinding after a long day. Browse our extensive selection of hemp wraps from the leading brands online!

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