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Cyclone Pre-rolled

The Shisha Glass smoke shop proudly carries a variety of Cyclone Pre-Rolled smoking cigarette papers. Browse for a superior tobacco shop experience.

Enjoy the sweet aroma of Cyclone Pre-rolled Smoking Papers from the Shisha Glass Smoke Shop

Cyclone Pre-Rolled smoking papers are the perfect way to enjoy a perfectly rolled joint on the go. Stuff the cone with your preferred filling and enjoy a flawlessly constructed joint.

Pre-rolled cones are available in single packaging to ensure the structural integrity of the wrap and seal in freshness. Cyclones cigarette papers such as the Cyclones Clear White Chocolate and the Cyclones Clear Tiki Tango are a burst of flavour with every puff.

Put your tobacco with blunt and hemp wraps by Cyclone. Available now at the Shisha Glass tobacco shop, ready to be safely and securely shipped to your mailbox. Shop Shisha Glass for a smoke shop near you.

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