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Blunt Wraps

Browse the best blunt wraps in New Zealand from Shisha Glass for a journey into greatness. We proudly carry the most sought after blunt papers in the industry.

Enjoy the Sweet Aroma of Blunt Wraps from Shisha Glass

Roll it up, light it, pass it. These are the three ritualistic practices known by every smoker in New Zealand. Smoking blunts a celebration of the senses that can be enjoyed with your closest confidants. Thanks to our vast selection, sit back, laugh, and enjoy the slow burn thanks to the highest quality blunt papers online.

A Great Way to Enjoy Tobacco is Rolled Up in a Blunt

We love smoking pipes, and reserve a special place in our hearts for hookahs, but the blunt wrap is a next-level experience, unlike any other smoking method. Rolling a perfect blunt is the apex of tobacco connoisseur triumphs. It takes a true guru to roll the perfect blunt.

Choosing blunt wraps is less wasteful than splitting cigars. Our blunt papers are ready to be rolled up; no assembly or mess is required.

Shisha Glass Features the Most Sought After Blunt Flavours and Brands on the Market

We are proud to provide our fellow Kiwi with the most recognized blunt wrap brands in the industry. Cyclones and Juicy Jay have dominated the blunt paper industry for years by consistently providing smokers with slow-burning, high-quality blunt wraps.

Check out the incredible, mouth-watering flavours by Juicy Jay like Juicy Blunt Tropical Passion or the assortment of classic blunt wraps from Cyclone such as their White Chocolate Blunt Paper, Tiki Mango, Peach, Grape, and Strawberry Blunt Wrap. So whether you are looking for sweet or savoury, Shisha Glass smoke shop has you covered – shop blunt papers today!

Shop Shisha Glass Blunt Wraps and Blunt Papers to Elevate Your Smoking Session

Having blunt wraps on deck ready to bust out at a moment’s notice is a tobacco enthusiast’s dream. With Shisha Glass online smoke shop, you can stock up and have blunt papers on demand. No need to go to the store; we have everything you need below.

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