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Shisha Flavours

Buy shisha flavours from Shisha Glass tobacco shop for an assortment of traditional sheesha in New Zealand. We feature a variety of tobacco available online.

Shisha Glass Carries an Assortment of Shisha Flavours in Our Tobacco Shop

Shisha is a blend of tobacco, molasses, and natural flavours enjoyed in a traditional hookah pipe. Hookah is a relaxing experience that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home thanks to tobacco from Shisha Glass.

Visit the tobacco shop by Shisha Glass for the most high-quality sheesha available online. We only source from high-end brands that use natural ingredients and ethical manufacturing practices. The quality of shisha you use is essential. Browse the best shisha online from Shisha Glass.

Browse Our the Most Popular Shisha Flavours Online from Shisha Glass

Enjoying sheesha is a unique experience thanks to the design of the hookah and many available flavours of shisha. Our selection is second to none when it comes to quality and range of flavours.

One of the best brands on the market is Al Fakher Shisha. They combine the finest tobacco, molasses and natural flavours, one of our favourites is Al Fakher Fusion Magic Love, available online and delivered directly to your mailbox by Shisha Glass.

Hookah users looking for traditional flavours that have been enjoyed for hundreds of years should look no further than the Shisha Glass tobacco shop.

Our Tobacco Shop is Your Destination for Sheesha in a Variety of Flavour

Having a variety of shisha flavours makes the hookah experience more enjoyable. Stick to the traditional flavours or try a more modern take on shisha. Some hookah connoisseurs even mix flavours for a unique experience.

Browse our Shisha for the highest quality sheesha available online.

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