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Hookah Pipes

Shisha Glass is your destination for hookah, also known as argileh or shisha pipe. Shop today for a premium selection of hookah products and shisha near you.

Embrace One of the Oldest Smoking Methods with a Hookah from Shisha Glass

The hookah pipe is one of the oldest forms of smoking, the practice uses a water pipe with hoses or multiple hoses to slowly burn shisha on hot coals. Shisha consists of tobacco, molasses, and natural flavours to create a unique experience that is enjoyed around the globe

The invention of the Hookah pipe is accredited to one man in the 15th Century. Abu’l-Fath Gilani was a Persian physician of Akbar. At the time, consuming tobacco was considered taboo; utilising the argileh shisha pipe system gained popularity among royalty, and hookah was eventually widely accepted in Indian culture.

Today, hookah remains true to its roots in design but has gained functionality and usability over the years. The modern shisha pipe is available with multiple hoses, ice catchers, various bowl sizes, and accessories to make the experience more accessible.

Keep the tradition alive by purchasing one of our high-end hookahs and shopping for shisha near you from Shisha Glass.

Shop our Exotic Vase Argileh for a Traditional Shisha Pipe Experience

The hookah pipe has evolved over the years but two types are the most popular: the Egyptian Hookah and the German Hookah. The Egyptian Hookah is usually taller and more traditional while the German Hookah style is shorter and more modern.

Our Shisha Glass Classic Hookah 1x Hose is an ode to exotic hookahs of the past with 21st-century functionality. The traditional design is a reminder of how argileh was used as a social tool to bring people together. The Shisha Hookah is an excellent option for beginners; it comes with everything you need to get started or veterans looking for an upgrade.

Add a Multiple Hose Hookah to Your Smoking Spot Today from Shisha Glass

The option to allow multiple users is one of the most exciting features of hookah. Multiple hoses enable the whole party to get in on the action, a functionality unique to the shisha pipe. Check out our Shisha Hookah Metal Pipe with two hoses to expand the flavourful taste of shisha beyond one user.

Gather your Friends to Enjoy a Relaxing Smoking Experience with Shisha Near You

Hookahs have been bringing people together since the 15th Century. Shisha Glass is proud to keep the traditional alive by offering exceptional choices of hookah pipes available in our online smoke shop.

Shop Shisha Glass for a superb selection of traditional argileh shisha pipes.

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