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Shop Shisha Glass smoke shop for high-quality argileh hookah pipes and a premium selection of quality shisha flavours in New Zealand.

Shop Shisha Glass’s Superior Selection for Hookah and Shisha Near You

The hookah is the centrepiece of a relaxing smoke session enjoyed since its inception in 15th century India.

Hookah, also known as argileh, or shisha pipe, is the experience of slowly burning shisha (the combination of tobacco, molasses sugar, and fruit) through a water filtration system. The Shisha pipe is enjoyed in private and social settings. Shisha Glass provides everything you need to embrace the popular tradition that has been adopted all over the world, transcending cultures, generations, and continents.

Experience the Traditional Argileh Shisha Pipe Experience from Shisha Glass

For centuries hookah has brought people together to socialize and share the sweet, flavourful taste of sheesha. Thanks to Shisha Glass, you can bring the tradition to your home, offering guests a relaxing way to pass the time.

Our Shisha Glass Deluxe Hookah 1x Hose has an exotic design and superior functionality. Complete with everything you need to transform your smoke spot into a hookah lounge, including a bowl, ashtray, stem, tongs, and a hose.

Enjoy the Relaxing Aroma of Sheesha with Our Premium Flavour Selection

Choose your favourite flavour or experiment with something new. Shisha Glass has an extensive selection of sheesha flavours from Al Fakher, Haze Tobacco, Afzal.

Shisha Glass is Your One-Stop-Shop for Shisha Near Me and Hookah Accessories

Our smoke shop serves as the only place you need to optimize your hookah experience. We feature complete hookah sets and all the accessories necessary to enjoy the exotic, relaxing aroma of shisha.

One of the best additions you can make is the Electric Shisha Charcoal Burner. Safely heat your coals and have them ready for a new bowl at a moment’s notice.

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