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Firefly Heat Not Burn

The Firefly Heat Not Burn is an example of modern vaping technology. Browse Shisha Glass for exceptional heat not burn devices available online in New Zealand.

Shop your next Firefly Heat Not Burn from Shisha Glass for an Elevated Experience

The Firefly Heat Not Burn uses a dynamic convection heating system to increase flavour and reduce waste. Every hit from the Firefly Heat Not Burn honours the complex tobacco blend profiles. Enjoy an advanced vaping experience from Shisha Glass.

Shisha Glass is excited to offer the Firefly Heat Not Burn to our customers. The clean design and heating system are second to none. In just 5 seconds, the Firefly is heated and ready to dispense your tobacco blend compound.

The Firefly is a testament to modern vaping technology. Their sophisticated software allows users to adjust the heating times, altering the vapour’s consistency to fit every enthusiast’s preference. Browse our heat not burn devices from Shisha Glass below.

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