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Arizer Heat Not Burn

The Arizer Heat Not Burn is the premium, high-end option for Heat Not Burn devices available from Shisha Glass. Enjoy your tobacco in luxury with the Arizer Solo.

Shop Arizer Heat Not Burn in NZ for a High-End Experience

The Shisha Glass selection of portable heat not burn devices includes premium options to enjoy your tobacco luxuriously. Arizer is the option for users who put quality over everything. Shop our selection for the Arizer and Arizer Solo to elevate how you consume tobacco blends.

You can count on Ariza to deliver a perfect hit of thick, tasty clouds of vapour. The Arizer line of heat not burn devices, including the massively popular Arizer Solo, delivers a superior vaping experience through their elegantly designed products. Arizer is the industry standard for high-quality heat not burn devices with over 15 years of creating innovative vaping solutions.

Not every heat not burn device is built with the same attention to detail and precision as the portable heat not burn device from Arizer. Shisha Glass is proud to offer the prestigious brand to our customers in New Zealand.

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