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With the votes in, New Zealanders will now be waiting for the results on whether recreational cannabis will become legalized or not. The preliminary referendum result will be revealed on Friday 30th October and the final result will be announced on the 6th of November – This will include special votes (those who voted from overseas, outside of their electorate, in prison, or hospital, or have enrolled late).

What does this bill cover?

In general, the bill’s main purpose is to control and regulate cannabis. The regulatory model covers how people can produce, supply, and/or consume cannabis while reducing cannabis-related harm to whanau, families and communities. Essentially, cannabis would be restricted and regulated very similarly to alcohol.

This will not affect the current use of medicinal cannabis (if prescribed by a doctor), and hemp as both will remain legal to use.

What will happen if the majority vote is a “No”?

Well, in short, nothing will change. Cannabis will remain illegal, as is the current law. Shisha Glass will remain the status quo and we will still be able to provide our customers with the largest range of water pipes, vaporizers, and many other smoking accessories available.

What will happen if the majority vote is a “Yes”?

If more than 50% of the votes are “yes”, recreational cannabis would not become legal straight away as the drafted bill will still need a “pass” by Parliament before it becomes the law. The incoming government will introduce a bill to Parliament which would then go through a normal process of three readings; which would allow the public to share their thoughts and ideas on how the law might work and make changes to the bill, including the date at which the law would come into effect.

Find more information on the cannabis referendum, please visit the link below.


Disclaimer: Shisha Glass is not an official representative of the bill, information is to be taken in context with the official New Zealand Government Referendum Website.

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