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Our former Prime Minister Helen Clark and her foundation are pushing towards the legalisation of cannabis. This up-coming referendum will mark a historic decision for the whole of New Zealand and if the use of cannabis should be legalized.

According to The Helen Clark Foundation, it is reported that up to 80 per cent of Kiwis will use cannabis at least once before the age of 25. Yet with such high numbers, it is still illegal to use cannabis in New Zealand.
In an interview with Newstalk ZB, Helen Clark says that “New Zealand needs to face reality and properly regulate the cannabis market in New Zealand” as with those in possession of the drug face “excessive” punishment.
The Foundation also states that with cannabis being illegal, it encourages riskier products such as synthetics cannabinoid to be on the market which is far more dangerous for youths and those who uses it. With regulations on cannabis being implemented, it can actually reduce the distribution of these dangerous and harmful substances in New Zealand market; And studies have also shown that the use of cannabis has been beneficial, especially for those with medical conditions and/or illnesses.

In the 2020 referendum, voters are urged to tick ‘yes’ to take a step forward to legalising the use of cannabis and help prevent illegal and dangerous synthetic cannabinoid from being distributed. Voters will be voting on the following. Minimum age of 20 to use and purchase cannabis, regulations on supply controls, the amount that could be grown for private use and an education programme for the use of cannabis. During the referendum, voters will only be given the option of ticking yes or no.

Here at Shisha Glass, we support the Helen Clark Foundation’s push to legalise the use of cannabis.

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