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Whether you have rolling smoking papers sitting in your bedside drawer right now or not, the upcoming referendum applies to you! The Cannabis Referendum is coming up in this year’s New Zealand General Election, and it’s important to understand what your vote will mean. Your vote will determine whether you are supporting or not supporting the Cannabis Legislation and Control Bill, a Bill that sets out a way for the New Zealand Government to regulate recreational cannabis use.

Just like with all other politics, understanding what your vote means is crucial. In this blog post, we objectively break down what the referendum means for your understanding. Read on to understand what the Referendum is about, what it means to support or not support it, and how it affects recreational cannabis use in New Zealand.

The Cannabis Legislation and Control Bill – A Quick Explanation

The Cannabis Legislation and Control Referendum is an addition to this year’s General Election. It’s asking the New Zealand public whether they support the Cannabis Legislation and Control Bill.

This Bill doesn’t refer to the legalisation of medicinal cannabis, which is marijuana that can be prescribed by a doctor like any other. That was made legal in New Zealand under the Medical Cannabis Scheme in December of 2019.

What does the Bill do?

This Bill only relates to recreational cannabis, so anyone who likes to smoke or ingest marijuana for fun (a lot like people who drink alcohol or smoke). If this Bill is passed, people over the age of 20 will be allowed to:

  • Buy 14g or under of dried cannabis per day (only from certified dispensaries).
  • Enter licensed premises and consume cannabis, either on that premises or on private property.
  • Grow up to two plants for personal use, with a maximum of 4 plants per household.
  • Share up to 14 grams of dried cannabis with another person of legal consumption age.

Essentially, cannabis would be restricted and regulated very similarly to alcohol. By providing legal access to cannabis, the government hopes to reduce cannabis-related harm to whanau and communities, which would hopefully eliminate illegal supplies.

What does the Bill NOT do?

The Cannabis Legislation and Control Bill doesn’t regulate medicinal cannabis, the use of hemp, driving while impaired, or workplace health and safety issues. Other laws about operating while impaired already exist to keep communities safe, and they work the same, regardless of the substance that impairs the person.

What does the Bill mean for you?

If this Bill is passed, that means you will be able to access cannabis from certified retailers (only if you are over 20). This also means you will be allowed to grow marijuana at home.

No matter which side you come down on, one thing is for sure: the existence of this referendum means a turning point for New Zealand, and that means your voice needs to be heard. Voting begins on October 3rd in New Zealand and closes on Election Day, October 17th. Make sure you are enrolled to vote, and make sure you know what your decisions will mean for New Zealand’s future.

Find more information on the referendums and the parties in the General Election here:

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Disclaimer: Shisha Glass is not an official representative of the bill, information is to be taken in context with the official New Zealand Government Referendum Website.

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