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Smoking is out, vaping is in! As we prioritize the health of our lungs, we switch to herbal vaporizers as the safest, purest and most effective alternative. If you are looking for a high-quality hand-held device for vaping herbs, check out Shisha Glass NZ’s Top 4 Best-Selling Portable Vaporizers right now!

Lawless Uneek Dry Herb Vape Pen NZ

Lawless Uneek – NZD $150

Best discreet vape pen for dry herb, wax and oils

Whether you are looking for a monster-cloud producing dry herb vaporizer or a small discreet vape pen for wax and oil, Uneek vaporizer from Lawless NZ is the most fool-proof pick that can perfectly match your style and budget.

Featuring a sleek, pen-shaped elegant design with an exceptionally powerful internal battery of up to 2 hours of use, the Uneek is very practical and portable. It possesses an advanced ceramic heating chamber and interchangeable pods for vaporizing both dry herbs and oils. Other outstanding features include 7 heat jets to ensure maximum extraction and airflow, digital LED display with single digit heat range and an isolated air path to ensure pure clean vapor.

Lawless Uneek vapourizer has great safety and usability at an attractive price point. Discreet for people who need it, yet powerful enough with the state-of-the-art conduction technology to give NZ vapers the perfect puff!

DaVinci MIQRO Dry Herb Vaporizer NZ

DaVinci MIQRO – NZD $350

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer with temperature control

DaVinci MIQRO is one of the smallest battery-powered herb vaporizer kits to hit the market in NZ yet still comes loaded with a full-featured conduction quality! It has a gorgeous sleek design with anodized aluminium shell, easy to palm for ultimate discretion while featuring a powerhouse with an ultra-quick heat-up and a fully functional and adjustable oven.

An outstanding feature is that MIQRO allows vapers to either adjust the temperature through a smart path system or set the precise temperature as easy as clicking a button. Whether you are a newcomer or an expert who prefers the tailored heat, you have the power to dictate your experience in every session.

DaVinci MIQRO vapourizer owns an attractive combination features for the light users: super portability, safe and easy use, potent flavour production and programmable heating profiles. The only concern is the short battery life of around 30 minutes which means this is not suitable for having long casual vaping sessions all day. This is a perfect dry herb Heat not Burn devices for casual users who go out for the night or love to vape on the go.

Vivant Dabox Herb Vaporizer NZ

Vivant DaBox – NZD $99

Best Wax Vaporizer on budget

You will definitely say “wow” when you find Vivant DaBox – a workhorse concentrate vaporizer that is made for use with all consistencies of wax and concentrates at an unbeatable low price!

Vivant Dabox is a compact, well-designed portable herbal vaporizer kit that is extremely easy to use: just load your wax, then press a button and vape on! The vaporizer has a hidden door at the bottom that converts to a 90-degree angle, which makes it discrete to use and simple to load your concentrate. It is equipped with a large 1500mAh battery capacity and 2A quick charge system to take care of heavy vaping all day long without a hitch.

Vivant Dabox is one of the most powerful portable vaporizers for wax, concentrates and herbal oils. It has an instant power of 40 watts that boasts a mighty vapour production, strong tasting flavour, and a powerful interchangeable flip out slide-in and slide-out coil system. There are three interchange different coils that can be utilized for customizing your vaping preference. The only concern lies in its intense heat power as well, since it may produce a lot of clouds that may be not suitable for some first-time vapers. After all, it is still respectfully the most convenient, powerful, and portable herbal concentrate vaporizer kit used for on-the-go.

Flowermate Hybrid X Vaporizer NZ

Flowermate Hybrid X – NZD $250

Best all-in-one vaporizer

The Flowermate Hybrid X is the ultimate compact vaporizer that can handle all vaping needs: dry herbs, wax concentrates, oils and even e-liquids at equally premium quality. So it is a must-have for vaping enthusiasts who love to vaporize different materials!

Flowermate Hybrid X vapourizer owns a pocket-sized elegant design that can be held in hand and taken anywhere discreetly. From the ceramic heating chamber to the stainless-steel pods, the entire thing is made only out of medical grade components. Comes with the Smiss SubX tank, the Hybrid X can also be used with other attachments with 510 port compatibility down to 0.2 Ω tanks. You can vape your dry herb end then flip it around and enjoy a nicotine hit from the E-Liquid end – it really is an ingenious design.

Both the SubX Tank and the dry herb mouthpiece have been fashioned out of borosilicate glass which is widely known as one of the top materials for conducted flavour. The only concern, however, falls into this material as it is also incredibly fragile. If you drop the mouthpiece from any height, expect to have to buy a new one!

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